Last Thursday, Nyjah took home the his 10th X Games Gold at the 2016 X Games Skateboard Street in Oslo, Norway. Edging out Shane O’Neill (Silver) by a point and Luan Oliveira (Bronze) by five points with switch smiths down the 6 stair, half cab flips off the wave, fakie flips over the pyramid, cab and bigspin front boards and more.

“I’m so stoked,” Nyjah said. “That was a gnarly contest. Everyone killed it so hard, making it really difficult for me. Shane’s first run was insane! Congrats to all those guys. everyone killed it.”

Scroll down to watch video of Nyjah’s winning run and you can check the full results here.

nyjah huston switch smith grind xgames olso

nyjah huston xgames olso norway skateboarding

Nyjah Huston XGames Olso Norway